Hydro One IPO Has Closed Now

Hydro One IPO Has Closed Now

By broadening the ownership of the Hydro One Limited, Ontario is now generating a significant return. The initial public offering of Hydro one has now closed for one common share. The initial stake of the company will be starting its trade today in the Toronto Stock Exchange, in the symbol ‘H’. By making this trade in a well mannered and careful way, the government is expecting to raise a fund of $9 billion. Out of the money raised, $4 billion will be utilized for the investment and $5 billion will be used for paying the debts.

Shares are priced at $20.58 each

The province has offered about 81,100,000 common shares in this IPO. Each share was priced at $20.58. Apart from the option that has been offered to the underwriters for buying 8,150,000 shares, the remaining would bring the province a fund of $1.66 billion. This will eventually result in total gross proceeds of $1.8 billion. Out of the total shares, about 40% has been allocated for the retail investors. This was a plan made for making most of the Ontarians across the province to takes part in the ownership of the Hydro One Limited.

The government has made a commitment to invest the net revenue gains of the Hydro One Limited’s Province sale in the Trillium Trust. The Trillium Trust will in turn be used as a job creator through the fund infrastructure project. This project is believed to be strengthening the economy. All these proceedings will be prioritizing the fund. Those projects include Light Rail Transit, GO Transit Regional Express Rail across the Ontario and also the expansion of natural gas in the northern communities and the rural areas. The maximization of the Hydro One is nothing but a plan for building up the Ontario.

Quick facts about Ontario

The Ontarian Government will be remaining as the maximum shareholder of the Hydro One once the IPO is over. By the law, no other share holders or a group of share holders are allowed to own the shares more than 10 percent. Ontario Securities is in need of a news release or a report that will be detailing the owner ship of the Province in the Hydro One. And this report is expected to be with the Ontario Securities Commission once the IPO is over, says the sources. Also the other Canadian Securities Regulators are in need of this report.

There was a research that says that the Ontario will boost up its GDP by $114 million every time when there is a $100 million public infrastructure investment is made. This GDP boost will mainly occur on the construction and manufacturing sector of Ontario. The infrastructure investment of Ontario is making 110,000 jobs every year. It is expected that the Hydro one IPO will be a success one as there is a lot of money invested and the government seems to be more concerned about this IPO as it is helpful in strengthening their economy. please Like us at https://www.facebook.com/financetradingnew


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