Shopclues to Raise $200 Million in IPO


Shopclues is now planning to enter into IPO, said the sources close to the firm. People who were familiar to the matter have told that the company is now seeking for fund and thus the company has planned to raise the fund through IPO. The Shopclues have not made any official announcement yet on their IPO plans. But it is sure that the company is planning for an IPO soon. The marketers have told that the Shopclues will do a better job in the IPO as the market environment is good now. Soon the Shopclues can be seen the market.

Shopclues is conscious about IPO

Managing director of Helion Ventures, Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal has told that the Shopclues is trying to be more conscious about this IPO. Helion Ventures is a share holder in the firm. The company wants no loss in the IPO or never want to make any mistakes, thus the company is so conscious about all the moves that it makes on the IPO. Marketers said that the consciousness is probably the reason behind the company keeping the IPO plans so secret. But soon, the company will officially announce their IPO, said the sources.

Shopclues is planning to file the draft red herring paper soon with the SEBI. The market regulator SEBI will process the papers of Shopclues soon as the company is valued high. The value of the company will raise more after the IPO, said the marketers and analysts. The company seems to be so much involved in the IPO processes now. The officials who were close to the happenings have told that the firm doesn’t want any information to be revealed to the reporters. Hence the share price, number of shares planned to be sold and other details regarding the IPO are not known to the media.

Shopclue is India’s fourth largest ecommerce company

Shopclue is one of the largest ecommerce firms in India. In the list of giant ecommerce firms, Shopclues stands fourth. Flipkart, snapdeal and Paytm stands in front of shopclues. The Tiger Global, which was an investor in the Shopclues earlier, is also expected to invest in this IPO to raise fund. But no information was revealed officially. All the information what the reporters have now are provided by various sources who were familiar to the matter and close to the top level management in the Shopclues and other existing investors in the firm.

The marketers and many other investors have told that they are really interested in investing their money in the Shopclues IPO. But they are not sure on their decision as the share price was not announced yet. Many marketers have told that it would be better if the announcement regarding the Shopclues IPO comes soon. However the sources have told that the Shopclue will be revealing the IPO details soon. The share price will be announced little later. But the number of shares and the planned fund to be raised will be announced soon. please follow us at


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