Best Practices for Risk Management in Automated Trading – Part 1

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It is well known to world that the automated trading has become a giant in the world market now. The trading cannot be imagined in future without automated systems. The impact of automated trading in the market now is very high. Though the technology is being appreciated for the speed and other features, which are not possible by human actions, the risk involved in this has always created a fear among the marketers. Many marketers still don’t believe in automated trading. Thus the risk management has become a must in every automated system. In order to have a risk free trading, the marketers are advised to follow certain practices. This article is to discuss on those practices to avoid risks and enhance the trading.

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Leading E-Retailer Flipkart Is On Its Way to IPO


The leading e-retailer in the country Flipkart has told that the company will be holding a profitable business in another 2 to 3 years and the firm has also told that they are planning to go for IPO in another 2 to 5 years. There was a talk among the e-retailers and the marketers that the flipkart may not be entering into IPO as it just wanted to remain as a pvt ltd concern. Now the announcement has become contradictory with the talks. It is expected that the marketers would show a great interest in the Flipkart IPO as the firm is leading one in the industry.

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Why Is Latency So Important In Trading?

algorithmic trading institutesDavid Cheriton has once told “stupid latency”. The term latency always has hindered the trading. A network with low bandwidth can also be used to compete with the high bandwidth networks in trading. But a high latency network can never be matched with the low latency network. Let us understand this better. Say Boeing 747 is carrying 500 passengers and Boeing 737 is carrying 150 passengers. Can you say that the Boeing 747 will travel faster than Boeing 737? No. Both the planes travel at 500 kmpf. Thus they reach the destination at same time duration. But if there is a latency in any one plane, then it reaches little late than the other one. Latency is a very important factor in algorithmic trading.

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Is R Good For Designing Quant Trading Strategies?

r trading strategies

This article is to discuss on the efficiency of the tool R in designing and back testing the trading strategies. But before getting in to the concepts of designing and back testing using R, we will have a simple introduction for this tool. What is R? R is nothing but the open source that has about 18,000 members in the Linkedln’s groups and 80 R meet up groups are there in existence now. This open source provides about 4000 packages for an efficient designing of strategies. This is a tool that perfectly matches the needs of data analysis, which is a must in strategy designing.

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